Reward Page:

I am offering a £100,000 reward for the capture and arrest of the people Gangstalking me. They are perverting the course of justice and trying to stop me earning money so i cant sue them for the theft of my business Interlectual Property. They have faulsified claims against me to have me extradited to Spain, and i am being held a political Prisoner without money or any identity to hide their crimes against me.

They are using Voice to Skull (V2K) on me and Energy Weapons like microwave torture, they use this to stop all my attemps to get legal help by talking with the lawyers i go to, liing to them about the case, perverting the course of justice. They intercept all my communications and discredit me with everyone i contact.

I will be bringing charges of attempted murder against them for targeting my heart with microwave energy weapons and threatening my life via voice to skull, there will also be communications and harrassment charges, abuse of power and perverting the course of justice charges.

The Reward will be payable from the compensation gained by the legal law suit against the people involved.

The free Masons are behind what is happening to me, and they are using Masons within the security service to cover up their crimes against me and are stopping it from going in the media so the truth wont come out.

To claim the money you need to provide the names and address/location of the people behind this and the evidence of how you know its them. If this is done and they are convicted you will be paid.

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