• The Gary Owens Story - Mason Gang Stalking, Targeted Individual, Freemason Gangstalking, Voice To skull, V2K, Mind Control

    Sky News, The Guardian, The Telegraph Letters All Disapeared:

    The media have had documents with clear evidence of high level corruption and Mason Gang Stalking, They wont run the story!

    We have been to many newspapers and have spoken to investigative journalists. Wensley Clarkson told us we would be paid for the story, then he pulled out saying he had been told by the security services that it would endanger my life. Andrew Gardner ITV producer was interested in doing a documentary and was also told not to do it. They have a D notice on me to stop the media from stating the truth to cover up crimes for the Mason Security Services.

Newspaper Letters - November 5th 2015 - The Gary Owens Story

Sky News Desk
Sky News
Grant Way


Gary Owens

5th November 2015

Dear Sky Newsdesk
Please read the attached letter to the Prime Minister and FCO, its important to read the document attached called Spanish Case.

I feel that I need to publicise the case its a real travesty of justice and corrupt beyond anyones understanding, please can you help me get my life back?

Thanks for your help in this matter.

Kind Regards

Gary Owens

The same letter went to the Guardian and the Telegraph newspapers