• The Gary Owens Story - Mason Gang Stalking, Targeted Individual, Freemason Gangstalking, Voice To skull, V2K, Mind Control

    Jeremy Corbyn Letter, Leader UK Labour Party:

    Our labour MP has not got a clue what to do, or he is deliberately doing nothing, we informed Corbyn, he did not respond!

    I have sent the history of communications between the MP Nic Daikin and i, he is clearly doing nothing because hes been told not to by bent Mason security services, they are all a disgrace, MPs, Security Services and the Government. They dont represent the people they just look after each other.

Jeremy Corbyn Letter - November 5th 2015 - The Gary Owens Story

Jeremy Corbin
The Labour Party
Labour Central
Kings Manor
Newcastle upon Tyne


Gary Owens

5th November 2015

Dear Mr Corbin,
Congratulations on your appointment to leader of the labour party, I agree with your approach and policies, my farther in law was a Labour councillor for decades in Scunthorpe, unfortunately forced out by the Blair memo to get more women candidates campaign, he was old school labour like yourself, sadly just passed away.

I write to you on a very serious subject and am left with no other course of action, I would hope if you can work your way through this you could bring the matter up with the Prime minister.

I have tried working with our local Labour MP Nic Daikin who is not a patch on Elliot Morley who he replaced; he has no idea what to do or is playing silly games. I have added our correspondence with him below. We gave up at this point as we never asked the Spanish authorities for anything it was all about the foreign office, they did not even read it, we have enclosed a copy of the foreign office letter we wanted to get answers to.

He and his office are not fit for purpose and we are on the edge of reporting him to the parliamentary standards board, we dont want to go this route but he cant do his job!

Also enclosed is a letter thats going to the Prime minister as we speak, along with support documents please read this carefully, it all boils down to corruption in the justice system and security services that for sure is instigated and controlled by free masons. Its an appalling mess and disgrace, please help me!

Kind regards

Gary Owens

This was the first email we sent 28/03/2012
From: jayne owens [mailto:jayne owens]
Sent: 28 March 2012 18:56
To: DAKIN, Nic
Subject: re letter i collected today 28th
from Miss Jayne Owens

I collected a letter from you today which you said you had mailed. to me. After reading the letter i now realize why my parents didnt receive the letter at their address you had put 26 Marsden Drive and my parents address is 36 Marsden Drive. Could you make sure my details are correct on your data base, as Im sure i put 36 on the form i filled in while in your office. I think it is a mistake on your part when you typed the letter to me. If it was my mistake i do apologise. Not sure why whom ever got my letter didn't return it! Is there anyway you could find out who lives at that address where the letter was delivered and contact them regarding the letter, with it being rather a delicate and confidential matter. I'm very concerned who received this letter.

Regarding the letter Mr. Dakin received form the ambassador of Spain he says our lawyer should contact the Uk liaison Magistrate to Spain. as I said to Mr. Dakin we have no lawyer we never have had one, we have had no contact with the courts or any official of the courts other than the person whom Gary sees in Marbella when he signs twice a month and they do not know anything as it has nothing to do with Marbella courts now. Gary just signs there like he has done for the last 2 years.

People keep telling us to go see and speak to officials etc but this is not that easy as nothing is nearby where we live it would mean travelling to Malaga and we do not speak enough Spanish also its the time and expense to do this.

As you can imagine we are very agree about the situation the UK courts have put Gary in, they extradited him to Spain from England on a E.A.W where he was on bail only to be let out on bail in Spain one month after arriving there on less bail money and not as tricked signing conditions and now two years on from being let out on bail absolutely nothing has happened. after one year of being out on bail I had to move out there because Gary had no id or bank account basically he does not exist in Spain so now Gary myself and my 16 year old son live in Spain and it is not easy as you can imagine. This case which Gary was extradited for is over 20 years old. and now 4 years have passed since we were first told he would be extradited and nothing has moved forward its not a new case for the courts in Spain so why has it taking so long. Spain asked for Gary to be extradited back so how is it we are still waiting for them to do something. Its a travesty

I'm telling you all this as I'm not sure that Mr Dakin knows much about the case as when the actual case started Mr Elliot Morley was the MP of Scunthorpe.

I could go on. without money we cannot do anything to help ourselves and no one especially Spanish lawyers will help without payment.

Anyway please correct the address mistake and let Mr Dakin have this email. and thank him for his time.

Kind Regards
Miss Jayne Owens

This is the reply we got 30/03/2012

Dear Ms Owens,
Please firstly accept our sincere apologies for the mistake in the address. I think it was an unfortunate typing error as our records do show your correct address of 36 Marsden Drive.

Nic has of course seen your email and has asked to review your file when he is back next week. I think it might be worth dropping in to see Nic again to discuss precisely what steps we can take to pursue this matter on your behalf. I have therefore made a provisional appointment for you at Nics next surgery on Friday 13 April at 10:30am.

If you cannot make this appointment please do not hesitate to contact me and I am sure we will be able to make alternative arrangements.

Andrea Davison Senior Secretary/Caseworker

Nic Dakin MP - Labour Scunthorpe County Constituency

Then we sent this email on 30/03/2012

Miss Jayne Owens

Hi Andrea, Unfortunately I will not be in the UK, I fly back to Spain on the coming Monday 2nd April my parents may be able to come in but not that day if you could call them to arrange a time that would be great.

You do actually know my Parent Mr &Mrs Richard & Patricia Fordham My dad was in the labour party when Elliot Morley was the MP. They say they know you well. So if you could call them and arrange a met that would great their home number is the one you have on file which is the same as the number above.

Jayne Owens

Sent to Nic Daikin MP 17/12/2013 by email with two attachments, one was a copy of the letter to the PM pasted below, the other was an outline of details of the case that is enclosed with other documents accompanying this letter:

Dear Mr Dakin
I have a serious issue, involving corrupt police and free masons in Scunthorpe i want to know what you are going to do about it.

Attached is a letter to the Prime Minister, it is being sent in the next 24 hours, i have emailed the prime minister this outline.

Dear Mr Cameron
Members of MI6, MI5 & SOCA out of greed, destroyed my life to steal my IPR, I have documents that outline the history. I invented a new internet concept, Free Masons stole the IPR and ring fenced me. Business became worth 2 billion, i was owner.

I am accused of a crime i did not do with no proof from 20 years ago, I have been discredited to stop me talking to the press. Sir Mark Lenox Boyd intervened in the case 20 years ago. I want a legal enquiry into the Masons manipulation of the law and involvement with the British Mafia, they have drugged me, stole from me, destroyed my life and used their control of the UK to cover it up, what are you going to do about it?

Anthony Keaton MI6, Ralph Keaton & Martin Burr, ex partners, Mason in the same lodge. The people who stole IPR are Terry Plumber, Wayne Lochner and Chris Britton, Richard Thompson, Rory &Tim McCarthy, Malcolm Edwards Stockport Mafia & Mason. Charles Formby (Seville Consulate) recruited me for MI6 , Paul Stoodley of MI6, my handling agent, Toby Child, Madrid Embassy. British Drug Mafia people involved are Kevin Concannon & Chris Fairfax Masons.

Attachment letter to the PM:
Gary Owens
North Lincolnshire

15th December 2013

David Cameron
10 Downing Street

Dear Mr Cameron
I have had my life destroyed by members of our security services, for their own inadequacies, and out of their own greed, you wont believe this at first, check the details, members of the security services MI6 and MI5 along with SOCA, destroyed my life to steal my IPR, i have proof, there are witnesses.

I have attached a document that outlines the history.
I invented a new way to do internet delivery in the UK, and members of the Free Masons stole the idea and ring fenced me with members of the security services, who are also Masons. The business became worth over 2 billion, i was the 51% owner and never assigned any rights, the first customer of this business was MI5, i have taped confirmation of this.

Its a long history, what i am looking for is an independent legal enquiry into the Free Masons manipulation of the UK system, they have drugged me, stole from me, destroyed my life and used their control of the UK system to cover it up what are you going to do about it?

The MI6 officer that started this course maybe unknowingly but certainly illegally is Anthony Keaton from MI6, he was under cover in the IRA when i met him, how would i know that!

He told his brother Ralph Keaton about a security issue i had, his brother is a Mason in the same lodge as him, and my ex business partner Martin Burr. They conspired to destroy me along with some other masons linked to the security service MI5, the three people who stole my invention are Terry Plumber, Wayne Lochner and Chris Britton. I have them tape recorded, committing the crime.

I am ring fenced now accused of something i was not even there at, and with no proof, and 20 odd years old, its a serious matter, involving the death of a friend.

A conservative party member under secretary of state Sir Mark Lenox Boyd intervened in the case 20 years ago because of corruption and other issues, coming to Spain in person and getting my release from false imprisonment.

I was recruited to MI6 while in prison by Charles Formby (son of George Formby the entertainer) and worked with MI6 on my release, although SOCA & MI6 committed perjury in court and said this was not true, but that i did help SOCA, SOCA never existed then, and i have proof that i was recruited by MI6.

I need this whole case to be investigated at the highest level and criminal charges brought against the members of the security services involved with lawsuits to be pursued against all parties.

I will be taking this public, i am at present seeking legal advice over issuing writs against all parties, there are well known people involved like Richard Thompson from the Britain rich list, the McCarthy corporation who got members of the British Mafia to gangstalk me along with the Masons, they used Malcolm Edwards a mob boss in Stockport who told me that he had been called into the Masons lodge he was a member of regarding me, he tried to help, but had one of his cars burned and his house broken into by people who scared him of, i had a meeting with NCIS officer Dave Whiting who told me they knew this to be true, this man needs investigating and he endangered my life and my families, if i dont get resolve i will be returning the favour.

The security services are involved with the Free Masons and the Mafia who together are involved in Drug trafficking in Spain.

Its proven beyond a doubt to me that the Free Masons control the drug trade in Spain and have puppet guys running the crews that are the British Mafia, these people killed my friend and destroyed my life, if its not redressed i will fight in open combat to the death against you.

Drug Mafia people who were involved are Kevin Concannon and Chris Fairfax of Javea in Spain both UK citizens, both Masons and both in the pay of your officers.

The Embassy in Madrid have recorded information that can clear me here, i want this recording, its a phone call between me and Paul Stoodley of MI6, my handling agent, and Toby Child, senior liaison officer with the Madrid Embassy, the person who recruited me and put me in touch with the agents was Charles Formby he told me i was working for MI6 (but we call them liaison officers) of the Seville Consulate.

The ring fencing and gangstalking are still going on, and i want a Spanish task force to surveillance me and catch them, i want the history gone through all the way back re communications, i fully understand this technology and had national security clearance to all the data regarding what information is stored and where, including the queens own servers next to the Thames in the UK, and all the people who have been involved in the gangstalking arrested and charged, this needs to be done in the UK and Spain and possibly Norway.

I am seeking legal representation from an organisation of lawyers that is going to sue the Free Masons and the British Mafia, for 2 billion pounds, jointly and individually for all both organisations assets here in Spain and in the UK.

I wish to sue the Spanish, British and the Norwegian governments for their involvement and corruption in this matter.

There are many individual cases, but i intend to sue everyone jointly and individually for all their assets.

I wish to have some sort of restraining oreder put on MI5 MI6 and SOCA from acting against me, and i wish all the communications that have been through the PNC system to be given to my legal team so we can trace who is behind this, Interpol were also involved, and i suspect this also to be free Masons, we would need to have Interpol records of any dealings with this case.

MPs that are free masons are involved in this, and have helped ruin me, this leads to the foundation of our constitution.

Your agents have committed illegal act, and committed perjury in court, you have to act or i will be forced to.

In the absence of justice and the belief that the free masons run the UK against the constitution and democracy, i am forced to challenge this, as such i will be forming a organisation to take the UK back from the Monarchy and Masons, how can you believe this is a democracy when the Queen is the head of the security services and also the patron of the Free Masons, her Cousin runs it. Its a total mess, bordering on a Nazi state, you have government organisations persecuting legitimate people to steal money and make their own personal gain, and then using a world wide organisation to gangstalk me persecute and destroy my family, out of pure greed.

The freemasons is a criminal organisation infiltrated by every scum bag known to man, i know there are good people in there, but when you use an organisation to get an individual when that individual is right, its over!

I want assureties that the free masons will be forced to register to be in public office at the very least, but in reality, it needs to be that anyone who serves the people can only serve the people and that anyone in any fraternal organisation cannot be in public office, that includes the police, justice system, every government department.

I will be launching a web site to bring this about, re introducing Jack Straws white paper to bring strong public opinions against the Free Masons, British Mafia and other fraternal organisations.

I have spoken to several investigative journalists, the first one disappeared and the latest one who is a senior producer for ITV will go the same way, whats happening is that the security services are lying to them to keep the ring fencing going, there is some sort of order to stop publicity of this case, i want that lifted. I will be publishing the history online and backing it up with a press release and doing international interviews to publicise the cause.

I want to know what you are going to do about all of it? I demand to know.

Gary Owens

We then received this email on 19/12/2013

Dear Mr Owens,
Nic has asked me to thank you for your email.
It does appear to be a very complicated issue and one which you may need to seek the advice of a legal expert.

It certainly is not a case which can be dealt with via email and so, if having spoken to a solicitor, you would still like to speak to Nic please contact us in the New Year to make an appointment to come in and have a chat.

Andrea Davison Senior Caseworker

I then sent this on 19/12/2013

Hi Andrea
Yes its very complicated, its been made that way by the security services, masons and mafia, who are all working together to stop me bringing this to the public, i will be coming to the UK in January and i will come see Nic re this.

You are of course right about the legal issues, but the justice system is so infiltrated by masons and mafia that its difficult to know who to get a legal representatives, i am working on this, and we are looking at some of the largest law firms in the world to this end, i will be in touch in the new year if you get any info that might help let me know.

Kind Regards

We then sent this letter 10/08/2015

Jayne Owens
C/o Patricia Fordham


Hello Mr Darkin,
I writing this email regarding Two Matters

First Matter
My dad (Richard Fordham) past away on the 2nd of July 2015 You knew him well. i think. The reason i am writing to you about this is my whole family are very disappointed in the way the police have handled the whole matter Throughout the weeks and now months since my dad past away the police have been of very little help it took over 3 weeks to get my dads car back that was only done after my brother had to visit and call the station on many occasions then when we did get the OK to collect it we where told if we did not collect on that day we would be charged each day it was not collected. That was bad enough What angers me more My mum Patricia Fordham has had no contact from the police since the day of the accident which that day she does not remember as you can imagine with the shock of it all. They have not sent any police report to explain and put my mums mind at rest to what exactly happened on that day, no one has called or wrote I know the police are busy But a call would of been nice from the officer whom was first on seen Do the police not do compassion.

I could go on to sum up this issue i would be grateful if you could contact the said police force and ask if either the officer who was first on seen could pay a visit to my mums house to set her mind at rest to what their thoughts are on the accident or get them to send the police report on the incident.All my mum has had is a coroners report and a bit of second hand news from a family member this is not acceptable in my eyes how would you feel if this was you?

I thank you for the kind letter my mum received form you it was good of you to sit down and write this letter yourself. That did not go unnoticed (That the letter was a personnel and written by hand).

Second Matter
This was something my dad had tried to help with and still was up to the day of his death.This is regarding my partner Gary Owens and the case against him in Spain. Now i know you and anyone you speak to regarding this matter are going to say you can not intervene in the juridical system in Spain. Well i would agree with that if this was not such a miscarriage of justice and a very unusual case. If you look back in your files you will see this case has been going on for the second time for nearly 6 years in October and 25 years all in all. This is why i feel someone must stop this now it is beyond ludicrous.

We spoke to a lawyer who is only and estate lawyer not a criminal lawyer she just helped us find out who out state appointed lawyer was and also spoke with the prosecutors secretary whom by the way told her that if we waited another year or so it would be all over. (can you believe that) we couldn't. So basically they are asking us just to waste more of our life with this hanging over us so it can become a passage of time case and they don't have to deal with it (what a joke)

Gary was and is a very talented musician and business man and is unable to make a living with this going on we are really suffering here, yes we may be in the sun etc but only just managing to survive. We have been in touch with the consulate in Malaga and they contacted the courts too and they told them Gary could go back to the UK if he put the papers through necessary for this ( so what does that tell you about their thoughts on the case). I will tell you they do not want to know. They want it to disappear. to do this never the less would need a lawyer so we go back in circles again. in any case we do not just want this to become a passage of time case we want Gary's name cleared and compensation for what has happened

With the help of the lawyer to whom i mentioned we contacted and visited the state appointed lawyer and she could not help she knew very little of the case and would not help us in any way because she did not know enough about it and was not willing to find out she also did not speak a word of English or she refused to do so my mind is not made up on that one.

So Mr Dakin after reading this email regarding our situation please do not reply with (speak to a lawyer) because as know lawyer will not help unless we have money which we don't and PLEASE don't say that the British government can not intervene because they can and they must. if they say they can not is for very different reasons and that is not acceptable to me or any other right minded person.

So please prove Gary wrong on this and help us. This has gone on for too long now. To put a time scale on this when all this started my son was not even born for another 4 years nearly and when they extradited Gary back to Spain he was 14/15 years of age and now he is 19 years old: If someone can not see how wrong this is and (sorry to put it so crudely) hasn't got the balls to stand up and say this is wrong well is a crying shame to put it politely

So please stand up and say this is wrong and help us.

Jayne Owens

We then sent another email after getting no response at again! 22/08/2015

Saying i am a little disappointed regarding getting some sort of reply from you is an understatement.

I emailed you on the 10th August 2015 other than getting a automated email reply saying email received i have heard nothing.

The situation is desperate out here and getting worse by the day we have less than 30 euro to live on now that that is for 3 adults we have no means of getting any money because Gary cannot get any work at all. We live in the mountains and rent a car which is due to be renewed in one week which we do not have the funds to pay. So then we will be stuck on a mountain with no transport no money. How desperate do you have to be for someone to help

i have emailed two papers and you and no one even replys. The only person we have to turn to is my mum and she is having a hard enough time after losing my dad. It takes nothing a few minutes to send a sort email just to let me know that you have a least read the email and will look into the situation.

It is your government that sent Gary back here, and for what the Spanish have and do not intend to take case to court its been 6 years as i have said in my last email since Gary arrived back in Spain and nothing I mean nothing has been done to bring this to an end.

You must do something about this its wrong unjust and a complete farce. Please help sort this out our live depend on it.

Jayne Owens

We then got this email from Nic on 22/08/2015

Hi Jayne
I've just returned from a few weeks away. And my office has been moving location. Sorry for delay in responding. I have tried on a number of occasions to get the UK and Spanish governments to change their position in relation to Gary but to no avail. The last time I raised the matter was around Christmas after bumping into Dick and Pat. I need to review the file this week and see what is possible to do.


I then sent this letter to Nic on 06/09/2015, it had two attachments, both of which are enclosed with this letter, letter to the FCO and the Spanish Case doc.

Hi Nic
Thanks for your interest in our case, it seems complicated because they have made it that way deliberately, we have now simplified the approach, we are only now dealing with the Spanish side, attached to the email is some text that is going up on a legal crowdfunding site in the next 24 hours, i will send you the URL once its live, it outlines the miscarriage of justice.

We have an area we feel you could help in with the Spanish side, thats to put pressure on the FCO to come clean and investigate what we have written in the attached document, could you please send this to them from us with your pressure added, after all they have spoon fed you a load of rubbish, if its not them spoon feeding you then who? You need to ask some hard questions of whats going on, its certainly not justice.

We know how to end the case as per the document attached, this explains what we are about to do, but in order to get that done it will cost around 10,000gbp which we are trying to raise at the moment via a specialist legal crowdfunding site. Once we have the money the case will be over and the people involved will be arrested. We wont be letting it go or coming back to the UK until this is sorted legally, as I want to pursue my music career and cant until this is over.

They have told us that if we wait one and a half years the case will end under law, but this is not acceptable, its a miscarriage of justice that involves corruption at many levels and we are going to pursue it via investigative journalists, the courts and track everyone down and bring them to court. We have been told that we will get damages already by the Fiscals office once it runs out. We will be pursuing damages in excess of 10,000,000 against the Spanish authorities, and it could potentially be 100s of millions we are talking with arbitration lawyers about this at the moment. Our court cases that will follow in the UK re the false imprisonment and extradition and then a main case against the security services for over 2b gbp are all under way. I have brought this to your attention so you can see the gravity of the situation for the people involved and this should go some way to explaining why they have done what they have re this case.

Its total rubbish and as a responsible MP you should with us pursue this to the Prime ministers office and get a public inquiry going into who is corrupting the justice system, we know who, but we want a public inquiry so everyone else knows too. We will be calling for a public inquiry here in Spain via the Ministry of justice in Madrid through our lawyers and will call a press conference to this end at that time.

Think about it this way, why did my case got to the house of lords (who refused to hear it as it would be on TV) instead they sent it to the Supreme court, my case was the first ever case logged at the supreme court, its cost Spain and the UK millions to extradite me and six years later the Spanish wont even look at the case or speak to me, its more than just a miscarriage of justice, you need to get serious level people looking into the whole fiasco.

Kind Regards
Gary Owens

We received a letter from the FCO via Nic Image we received attached 02/10/2015

From: MUMBY, Vicky
Date: 2 October 2015 at 13:20
Subject: Nic Dakin MP - Foreign Office
To: "patricia.fordham@virginmedia.com"

Hi Pat
Letter as requested.

Vicky Mumby, Senior Caseworker

Nic Dakin MP - Labour Scunthorpe County Constituency

15-02-19-FCO-letter - The Gary Owens Story Mason Gang Stalking, Targeted Individual, Freemason Gangstalking, Voice To skull, V2K, Mind Control

We then wrote this to Nics office 15/10/2015

From: jayne owens
Sent: 15 October 2015 22:30
To: DAKIN, Nic
Subject: Re Gary Owens

Jayne Owens
C/O Patricia Fordham

Hi Andrea
I believe you have been in contact with my mum Pat regarding Mr Dakin sending information to the Embassy and FCO. I am lead to believe this has been done?

If this is so can you please send to this email address a copy of said email. Also can you tell me when the said email was sent. I would appreciate it if you could send a reply with the attachment of the sent email as soon as possible. It has been 5 weeks or more since we sent Mr Dakin the email and was hoping for some kind of response by now. Our situation out here is very difficult and we need someone to make a stand and get things sorted. Months and years have passed and nothing is being done.

Anyway if you could sort this for me i would be very grateful

Kind Regards
Jayne Owens

We got this reply from Nic Daikins office 15/10/2015

From: YEADON, Lorraine on behalf of DAKIN, Nic
Sent: 15 October 2015 09:57
To: Linda Morgan
Subject: FW: Nic Dakin MP

Dear Linda
My constituent is Jayne Owens , C/o Patricia Fordham, 36 Marsden Drive, Scunthorpe. DN15 8AH. Jaynes husband Gary is presently in Spain.

Jayne asked me to send the attached papers to you. Please can you let me have your comments on the documents and Garys case once the papers have been reviewed?


Nic Dakin MP

The we got this on the 19/10/2015

andrea davidson
To Dear Jayne,
As you can see from the email below, and as I told Pat, we have forwarded on the details to the FCO with a request for a response and Nic is trying to speak to the FCO Desk Officer for Spain. We will get back in touch when we have a response.


Then we sent this email to Nic 22/10/2015

Hi Andrea and Nic Dakin MP
Following on from your email below to Jayne Owens.

I need a formal letter that explains exactly what has been done re my request to contact the foreign office, we will be suing the British government for many millions in the coming months and i require evidence of contacts. So i need a copy of exactly what was sent when and to who ect. please send it by postal mail on House of Commons official notepaper to Patricia Fordhams address at 36 Marsden drive, Scunthorpe, DN15 8AH

The prime minister is aware of my case so perhaps you should forward it to his office as-well.

I have been dealing with MPs for 25 years and i have never experienced such shoddy work, i am giving you this opportunity to do the right thing, if i dont get the right reply within 14 days i will be contacting the parliamentary standards making an official complaint along with others who are also shocked at your shoddy work.

Could you please confirm to me if Nic is a member of the Free Masons or not, this is highly relevant to my case:

Kind regards
Gary Owens

I then received this email from Nic 27/10/2015

Dear Jane,
My colleague John has spoken to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and unfortunately the Spanish authorities wont pass on any details to them.

They did say that now Gary has a lawyer it is up to the lawyer to ask for information. Garys lawyer could also apply for special permission to return to the UK. The Foreign Office also said that they didnt know whether Gary would be able to work or indeed how long he could stay.

Andrea Davison Senior Caseworker

Nic Dakin MP - Labour Scunthorpe County Constituency


We gave up at this point as we never asked the Spanish authorities for anything it was all about the foreign office, we have enclosed a copy of the forign office letter we wanted to get answers to.


This letter dated 5th November 2015 is copied to:


David Cameron, UK Prime Minister, 10, Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA.

Jeremy Corbin, Opposition leader in the UK, The Labour Party, Labour Central, Kings Manor, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6PA.

Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy Brey, Partido Popular Calle Genova, 13, 28004, Madrid, Spain.

Pedro Sanchez Perez Castejon, Partido Socialista Obrero Espanol, Calle de Ferraz, 70, 28008, Madrid, Spain.

Rafael Catala, Ministro de Justicia, Ministerio de Justicia, Palacio de la Marquesa de la Senora, Madrid, Spain.

Carlos Lesmes, Presidente del Consejo General del Poder Judicial, Calle Marques de la Ensenada, No 8, Madrid, Spain.

Angel Juanes El Vice Presidente del Consejo General del Poder Judicial, Calle Marques de la Ensenada, No 8, Madrid, Spain.

Lorenzo del Rio, el Presidente del Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucia, Plaza Nueva, 10, 18009, Granada, Spain.

Rafael Fernandez Valverde, Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucia, Plaza Nueva, 10, 18009, Granada, Spain.

Also Copied to:
The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

The Rt Hon David Lidington MP Minister of State for Europe

The Rt Hon Hugo Swire MP Minister of State at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

The Rt HonBaroness Anelay of St Johns DBE Minister of State at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

James Duddridge MP Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Tobias Ellwood MP Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street