I knew my phone was being bugged at Fuengirola so I decided to play a game, I went out to a cyber cafe and set up an email account and sent an email to the local Masons saying I was interested in joining, I used the name Stan Cumons and anagram of Mason Cunts! They intercepted the emails and when I went to a meeting with the local Masons it was the Drug Mafia guy that Ted had told me about, I questioned him at the meeting and confirmed that he was the one that provided the football kits for Malaga prison football team. So I knew who they were but they did not know I knew who they were!

The Gary Owens Story Book Page 12 - Mason Gang Stalking, Targeted Individual, Freemason Gangstalking, Voice To skull, V2K The secretary of the local Masons Lodge Glyn Emerton arranged the meeting and brought Norman Hey who said he was the head Mason at the lodge, who is linked to cocaine dealers in Fuengirola to the meet and another Mason supposedly bumped into us at the meeting in the open air at a coffee shop. This guy Bruce has the Toucan Bar on the Notorious Fish Ally in Fuengirola, its basically a drug traffickers den of bars and clubs thats been like that for at least 35 years.

They said they wanted me to join the Masons, and set up a meeting for me to meet some other Brothers at Peter Harriss Bar in Fuengirola, Bar Atlantis, walk up the Street that has the London Pub on the Corner, the entrance to the Palmeras Hotel will be on your left and Bar Atlantis is a little further up on the right.

They were intercepting all my communications and they figured out I was playing them, and they said another member had pointed out that I had a website www.gary-owens.com and that I was suing the Masons. They said I could not join, like I wanted to! I found out what I wanted to find out.

Shortly after this I went to the Dentists, and after that I kept hearing voices talking close by, it sounded like it was through the walls just outside, this caused a lot of confusion for a while, I could not figure out how they were doing it. We decided to move away from the town centre, out of Fuengirola all together, the property market had crashed while we were out there and we knew we could get a better place.

We ended up moving a long way away in Torrox next to Nerja, up in the mountains overlooking Frigilliana. I could hear people close by and we were in the middle of nowhere! I started to research how this could be done and the only thing I could come up with was that it was right after I went to the dentists when it started. So I looked to see if it was possible they implanted me with a bug. During my time doing Coms I had been told by the tech guys who worked for national security of bone mikes that soldiers would have implanted so they could talk inside their head and the mike would pick it up and broadcast it, this could then be picked up by the controller and the controller could talk back using a microwave beam. I thought this was a bit far-fetched at first, then I found the patent for it, and that led on to RFID Implants and Targeted Individuals, and bingo! It was happening to lots of people.

So because their idea to frame me up with the case in Spain did not work they decided to make me a Targeted Individual to try and stop me bringing charges against them.

I have since found out all about it and am in touch with people from all over the world in the same situation, in all the cases it was down to the Masons!

I now have a site called www.targeted-individuals.co.uk where you can read up on this global disgrace run by government agencies and police for the Masons.

We talked to a local lawyer in torrox, we wanted to know if she could find out anything.

The Gary Owens Story Book Page 12 - Mason Gang Stalking, Targeted Individual, Freemason Gangstalking, Voice To skull, V2K On the 21st of April 2015 we asked a local lawyer who spoke English to try to find out what was going on in a case concerning me for 24 years. I was extradited 6 years ago as a matter of urgency costing millions in costs to Spain and the UK, the case went all the way to the supreme court, they would not sit and hear it at the house of lords as it would be televised and the masons would be implicated, my case was the first case ever filed at the Supreme Court in the UK.

The Lawyer who did this work is Maria Jose Cortes Castan, Abogada, Tel 952 53 54 96, Movil 665 023 035 abogada@cortescastan.es Av, de Competa 1, Edf. Mirador, Local 2, Torrox 29770, Malaga.

At the first meeting Marie seemed to be efficient and good at her job. I was recommended to this lawyer by our landlord Manuel, a local business man and ex council member in Torrox.

I gave Marie three denuncias to translate on Tuesday 7th of April I was to get them back translated into Spanish three days later on Thursday, I heard nothing and decided to call into her office on the Monday to find out what was going on, I was brushed aside, saying she would call me back, she did not call. Several more days passed, and at a chance meeting with our landlord I decided to ask him about the lawyer as he had recommended her and it was an urgent situation for us. I ask Manuel what is going on with this lawyer and explained to him some of our circumstances, that we were under threat and being harassed by some people. He called Marie for me and he spoke to her and then passed the phone to me, she gave me a day to go and see her 3 days away, she had done no work on the denuncias.

At the meeting she gave us a denuncia made out in Spanish we thought at the meeting we had all three denuncias, but there was only one. Marie was very different and seemed very evasive and did not want to help us, there was only one of the three documents translated. The two documents that were not translated were a denuncia for the Malaga Police that would also act as a hand out leaflet that outlined the harassment that was going on around us to give to local people so that someone could come forward and give us information.

The other was a denuncia about a tracking implant that I believe has been put in my body, this is a well-known system of control and involves tracking, using Microwaves its also able to talk inside a persons head and listen to what they say, its called voice to skull (V2K), the device can be used to do harm to the subject and this is happening to me, I have experienced load ringing noises in my head, puss spots have appeared all over my head, which I believe is a result of Microwave Radiation, there is also piercing pain and a low frequency noise thats disorientating, this is a weapon and can be used to kill people, I believe they are attempting to murder me to stop the truth coming out about what has been going on in our lives.

There was no reason why these documents were not translated and were not even mentioned when I left the office, I thought we had all three, but later found out there was only one. I was convinced that the police or some other party with an interest in this case had spoken to her, I was not sure at that time but it became clear later what was happening. I asked if she could also do some other work we needed doing, and said I would call back at the office on Tuesday 21st of April, this was to prepare the letters that were to go with the denuncias. We dont read Spanish so we have no idea if what is written is correct.

At the meeting on the 21st of April, we were met with the same cold reception at first, then as we started to explain to Maria what was going on and showed her documents, she started to change and became proactive. The Abogada phoned the Fiscals office in front of Jayne and I, she found the name of the lawyer that was supposed to be representing us, and spoke to the functionary of the Fiscal who told her that the case was a mess and had been sent back as there was no evidence. The functionary actually told our lawyer that if we wait 18 months the case would be over and we can then claim compensation. This was a huge shock to us. The case is a complete fabrication from start to finish and no one wants to touch it. So far we have had 4 judges 4 courts and 4 fiscals, all have done nothing about our situation.

The Abagada at the same meeting filed a denuncia with the Poder Judicial against the Marbella court. This was done as one of the documents we had given her originally was a reply from the Poder Judicial that we had contacted by email, we did not understand what was in the Poder Judicial email so she filed a case for us, while she was filing the case it failed several times, she said it was not accepting my email, which made no sense, I have had the same email for 20 years. She eventually got it to go but with her email address on, so we have no idea if there is any response. She set an appointment for us with the lawyer we had been appointed in the case for the following day.

She also got us contact details for a lawyer we were looking to engage to represent us in this case. This was the lawyer who represented Julian Assange who was based in Madrid. We contacted this lawyer and sent a brief outline of the case, they eventually said they could not do the case. On further investigation it turned out that this lawyer was involved in the judge Dona Blanca case somehow, and thats why they would not take the case, strange coincidence!

The Gary Owens Story Book Page 12 - Mason Gang Stalking, Targeted Individual, Freemason Gangstalking, Voice To skull, V2K We had an appointment to see the court appointed lawyer for the 23rd April 2015. The Abogada said she knows nothing of the case and was very evasive and would not help us in any way. Prior to the meeting we were kept waiting for one hour, with what we believe was a police officer in the reception with us, I recognised her but could not place where from, the lawyer was in a meeting with a Spanish man for one hour, we believe that they were listening to us trying to find out what we were going to do re the case.

The lawyers name was Rosario Gomez Bravo, Number Colegiado: 1033: Tel 952 82 39 64, Moviles 630156110 / 607540788, gomezabogada@terr.com, Jacinto Benavente, 11-planta 1- numero 4.

We asked if the lawyer to do several things and she would not do anything, it was shocking but frankly what we have come to expect of the Spanish justice system in Andalucia. We asked her to change my bail conditions, and talk to the fiscal about me going to the UK to see my ill mother who is dying of cancer, we asked if she would set up a meeting with the fiscal, we also asked for police protection, she said no to everything.

The lawyer from 24 years ago we had is at the same office, Manuel Novella Morales, he came in at the end and did not witness the corruption we saw. But we did not trust him and expressly asked the Marbella court that he would not be our lawyer, so they appointed his partner! We think this is extremely odd and corrupt.

We feel sure that the court are corrupt, we dont trust any person we have met in Spain regarding this case. The lawyer the court appointed us is the partner of the one we had 24 years ago. They keep moving the case from one building to another and from different judges and fiscals, its a game they are playing not a court case. So far the case has been at 4 court houses, 4 judges and 4 fiscals all appear to want to wash their hands of it.

While I was at the court signing in Torrox one day, I was with whats called the Juez de Gardia, a stand in judge when the court is closed, so I started explaining the case to her and she advised us to make denucias, while I was talking with her the phone rang and she was asked questions about what I was saying to her she said I was asking about a case from 1992 to whoever was on the other end of the phone. The point here is, who can ring a judge and get them to tell them what they are doing? And why? Its clearly the police who are backed by the Judicial Mafia that the original judge spoke of and fell afoul of, no doubt driven on by corrupt Mason cops from the UK saying they know something that they dont as there is no case, its all totally corrupt!

More Content To Be Added Over The Comming Weeks All Through The Book, More detail on Mason involvement and the business theft of my IPR done by MI5 Masons, followed by the Ringfencing of me and Systematic Destruction of my Businesses.