• The Gary Owens Story - Mason Gang Stalking, Targeted Individual, Freemason Gangstalking, Voice To skull, V2K, Mind Control

    David Cameron Letter, Prime Minister Of The UK:

    I have sent 6 emails to the prime minister at number 10, and two letters, he does not reply!

    David Cameron has not responded to any of my communications, emails, letters, he does nothing, could it be he is one of the Masons? Is he involved with this Nazi organisation that are Gang Stalking thousands of people in an attempt to keep control and promote their global takeover agenda?

David Cameron Letter - November 5th 2015 - The Gary Owens Story

David Cameron
10 Downing Street
The Direct Communications Office


Gary Owens
5th November 2015

Dear Mr Cameron
This is not a travesty of justice, its corruption pure and simple, for power and greed! Regarding my false imprisonment, illegal extradition, victimisation and persecution at the hands of the Free Masons supported by members of the security services that committed perjury at my extradition hearings, and have perverted the course of justice, along with countless other crimes in the soon to be sued UK government for, Without Prejudice, two billion pounds.

I enclose more information as requested; this information is solely related to the Spanish false case of homicide that has been used against me by the UK security agencies to stop the lawsuit going forward in the UK.

Outline of events:
I have never been charged with anything after 25 years, because i have nothing to do with it! The judge in the case established this at the first court hearing where forensics proved I was not there, I have tiny size six feet, all the shoe prints at the crime scene were over size 8, so there was no case against me from the outset. I was told by a police officer that the judge and her husband were trying to set me up, he was studying to be a lawyer and did not agree with it, he helped me escape the local jail.

The original judge Dona Blanca Esther Diez was herself suspended during my initial two and a half years in Spanish jail. She was charged with dereliction of duty, she had her own problems.

As a result of her suspension, i was held in prison for no reason, i still have no reason, i was sent to Malaga prison by the judge for escaping from the Arresto Municipal in Marbella due to human rights violations that i would not put up with, not for the case they are saying. While I was in Malaga prison the court functionary for court number 4 marbella came up to me and told me about the fabrication of the document thats is outlined in the enclosed document Court 4 Marbella Denuncia He was there because the judge imprisoned him for not agreeing with her corruption!

During that time i was falsely imprisoned by her husband a corrupt police officer called inspector Jimenez Lomas who was in charge of the international crime squad in Marbella, but who was also signing court documents on behalf of the suspended judge, this is a criminal offence with a mandatory prison sentence in Spain I have provided proof of this in the enclosed document Court 4 Marbella Denuncia.

I was told by the judge directly that i would face no charges and given a full copy of the case as it was over, you can see these documents in the details in the enclosed document Spanish Case.

I was told to return to the UK by MI6 officer Tobby Child and Paul Studley of the British Embassy due to the threat to my life by the British Drug Mafia who I was investigating relating to my case and for MI6, I was recruited by Charles Formby of the Seville Consulate.

I had NCIS police protection in the UK, as i had worked for MI6 in Spain uncovering details about the British Drug Mafia who were behind the murder in the case i am involved in. I started a business that became worth over 2 billion within a short time and members of the security services working for free masons, stole the company from me and used this case to stop me suing them.

I have been stopped from earning a living so i cant fight back by constant surveillance involving microwave voice to skull bombardment and interception of all our communications, to do anything and everything to stop the Spanish case being ended, as then we can sue the governments and free masons involved along with the inevitable media that would follow, and backlash from the public.

The Spanish case is a farce, after being extradited over here to Spain, after going all the way to the supreme court in the UK because the house of lords would not hear the case, as it would mean free masons being named in the house of commons and involved in the theft of my business including MI5 and MI6 agents, as a result my case was the first case ever filed at the supreme court.

This cost the British and Spanish tax payers millions in funds, i demand a public inquiry into how the justice system can be manipulated in this way and at the tax payers expense, i would want a public inquiry in the UK and in Spain to get to the truth of who perverted the course of justice for power and greed. I will be copying this letter to the Spanish prime minister.

The only time i was asked anything by a court here in Spain over this case since i have been here 6 years was they asked me who Charles Axon was, they did not know and were looking for him. Charles Axon was the name i was held in prison in Spain for my protection as a witness against the British Drugs Mafia and also the name i was contacted by MI6 under set up by Charles Formby of the Seville Consulate.

I can prove everything i am saying if the corrupt police and free masons who are running the drugs trade here in Spain were stopped from suppressing me and victimising me so i cant fight back. Its a total disgrace and i want to know what you are going to do about it?

The first thing to do is to intervene directly in the Spanish justice system at the highest level and start an inquiry into whose involved. I know this can be done!

Kind Regards

Gary Owens

To get a full understanding of the case please read the enclosed document called:

Spanish Case

This is the site where i have posted the details and am raising funds:

Gary Owens Crowd Fund Campain, 80s rock star falsely imprisoned, illegally extradited, suing spanish and UK governments for miscarriage of justice and corruption


I have issued a denuncia with the Poder Judicial here in Spain over this matter, and have sent them all the information on the enclosed document Spanish Case Plus i have sent further information that proves a crime against me by the Spanish authorities; these are the details of the second document:

Court 4 Marbella Denucia


Please also find more details at www.gary-owens.com All the details and documents relating to the case will be published on this site in the coming weeks.


Below is a copy of the first letter i sent you and your reply:

Prime Ministers Letter First sent 15th December 2013

Dear Mr Cameron
I have had my life destroyed by members of our security services, for their own financial gains, and out of their own greed, you wont believe this at first, check the details, members of the security services MI6 and MI5 along with SOCA, destroyed my life to steal my IPR, i have proof, there are witnesses.

I have attached a document that outlines the history.

I invented a new way to do internet delivery in the UK, and members of the Free Masons stole the idea and ring fenced me with members of the security services, who are also Masons. The business became worth over 2 billion, i was the 51% owner and never assigned any rights, the first customer of this business was MI5, i have taped confirmation of this.

Its a long history, what i am looking for is an independent legal enquiry into the Free Masons manipulation of the UK system, they have drugged me, stole from me, destroyed my life and used their control of the UK system to cover it up what are you going to do about it?

The MI6 officer that started this course maybe unknowingly but certainly illegally is Anthony Keaton from MI6, he was under cover in the IRA when i met him, how would i know that!

He told his brother Ralph Keaton about a security issue i had, his brother is a Mason in the same lodge as him, and my ex business partner Martin Burr. They conspired to destroy me along with some other masons linked to the security service MI5, the three people who stole my invention are Terry Plumber, Wayne Lochner and Chris Britton. I have them tape recorded, committing the crime.

I am ring fenced now accused of something i was not even there at, and with no proof, and 20 odd years old, its a serious matter, involving the death of a friend.

A conservative party member under secretary of state Sir Mark Lenox Boyd intervened in the case 20 years ago because of corruption and other issues, coming to Spain in person and getting my release from false imprisonment.

I was recruited to MI6 while in prison by Charles Formby (son of George Formby the entertainer) and worked with MI6 on my release, although SOCA & MI6 committed perjury in court and said this was not true, but that i did help SOCA, SOCA never existed then, and i have proof that i was recruited by MI6.

I need this whole case to be investigated at the highest level and criminal charges brought against the members of the security services involved with lawsuits to be pursued against all parties.

I will be taking this public, i am at present seeking legal advice over issuing writs against all parties, there are well known people involved like Richard Thompson from the Britain rich list, the McCarthy corporation who got members of the British Mafia to gang stalk me along with the Masons, they used Malcolm Edwards a mob boss in Stockport who told me that he had been called into the Masons lodge he was a member of regarding me.

He tried to help, but had one of his cars burned and his house broken into by people who scared him of, i had a meeting with NCIS officer Dave Whiting who told me they knew this to be true, this man needs investigating and he endangered my life and my families, if i dont get resolve i will be returning the favour.

The security services are involved with the Free Masons and the Mafia who together are involved in Drug trafficking in Spain.

Its proven beyond a doubt to me that the Free Masons control the drug trade in Spain and have puppet guys running the crews that are the British Mafia, these people killed my friend and destroyed my life, if its not redressed i will fight in open combat to the death against you.

Drug Mafia people who were involved are Kevin Concannon and Chris Fairfax of Javea in Spain both UK citizens, both Masons and both in the pay of your officers.

The Embassy in Madrid have recorded information that can clear me here, i want this recording, its a phone call between me and Paul Stoodley of MI6, my handling agent, and Toby Child, senior liaison officer with the Madrid Embassy, the person who recruited me and put me in touch with the agents was Charles Formby he told me i was working for MI6 (but we call them liaison officers) of the Seville Consulate.

The ring fencing and gangstalking are still going on, and i want a Spanish task force to surveillance me and catch them, i want the history gone through all the way back re communications, i fully understand this technology and had national security clearance to all the data regarding what information is stored and where, including the queens own servers next to the Thames in the UK, and all the people who have been involved in the gangstalking arrested and charged, this needs to be done in the UK and Spain and possibly Norway.

I am seeking legal representation from an organisation of lawyers that is going to sue the Free Masons and the British Mafia, for 2 billion pounds, jointly and individually for all both organisations assets here in Spain and in the UK.

I wish to sue the Spanish, British and the Norwegian governments for their involvement and corruption in this matter.

There are many individual cases, but i intend to sue everyone jointly and individually for all their assets.

I wish to have some sort of restraining order put on MI5 MI6 and SOCA from acting against me, and i wish all the communications that have been through the PNC system to be given to my legal team so we can trace who is behind this, Interpol were also involved, and i suspect this also to be free Masons, we would need to have Interpol records of any dealings with this case.

MPs that are free masons are involved in this, and have helped ruin me, this leads to the foundation of our constitution.

Your agents have committed illegal act, and committed perjury in court, you have to act or i will be forced to.

In the absence of justice and the belief that the free masons run the UK against the constitution and democracy, i am forced to challenge this, as such i will be forming a organisation to take the UK back from the Monarchy and Masons, how can you believe this is a democracy when the Queen is the head of the security services and also the patron of the Free Masons, her Cousin runs it.

Its a total mess, bordering on a Nazi state, you have government organisations persecuting legitimate people to steal money and make their own personal gain, and then using a world wide organisation to gangstalk me persecute and destroy my family, out of pure greed.

The freemasons is a criminal organisation infiltrated by every scum bag known to man, i know there are good people in there, but when you use an organisation to get an individual when that individual is right, its over!

I want asureites that the free masons will be forced to register to be in public office at the very least, but in reality, it needs to be that anyone who serves the people can only serve the people and that anyone in any fraternal organisation can not be in public office, that includes the police, justice system, every government department.

I will be launching a web site to bring this about, re introducing Jack Straws white paper to bring strong public opinions against the Free Masons, British Mafia and other fraternal organisations.

I have spoken to several investigative journalists, the first one disappeared and the latest one who is a senior producer for ITV will go the same way, whats happening is that the security services are lying to them to keep the ring fencing going, there is some sort of order to stop publicity of this case, i want that lifted. I will be publishing the history online and backing it up with a press release and doing international interviews to publicise the cause.

I want to know what you are going to do about all of it? I demand to know.

Kind regards
Gary Owens


Reply Received 8th January 2014:

335 - The Gary Owens Story Mason Gang Stalking, Targeted Individual, Freemason Gangstalking, Voice To skull, V2K, Mind Control


Below is the letter sent to my MP at the time Sir Nicolas Winterton that made the Free Masons criminals behind whats gone on start the case in Spain going so i would not sue them and bring criminal charges against them.


Sir Nicholas Winterton MP
House Of Commons

Gary Owens
92 Dickens lane
SK12 1NT
Date: 01/05/06

Dear Mr Winterton
I have spoken to your constituency office and they asked me to write to you at this address.

I have had some one or some organisation persecuting, intimidating, harassing and stealing from me for close on ten years, I have been to the police many times and they have failed to act, I have been driven to the point of bankruptcy by what ever is going on.

I believe the police know what is going on but wont inform me or wont act against the offending party, this to me would indicate that it was the mafia or the masons (who are involved) who are behind it. Until this started I was the CEO & Chairman of a company that became worth more than a billion pounds, my share of this would have been 200 million that was stolen from me, plus several other companies I have started since that have been infiltrated and wrecked worth millions of pounds.

I have a young child and have reached the point where as far as I can see there is no law in the UK, my wife is in tatters mentally as am I, I am considering committing terrible acts that will take me away from my family either in prison on the run or worse. Its as simple as this, I cant and wont take any more, I have had my life threatened and I rule nothing out in what would be an all out retaliation.

I want to know if I can bring a criminal prosecution against the police and the home office for failure to protect my family and failure to act against crimes that have been committed against me. I would want the individual officers who I have met to be criminally charged for complicity with criminal acts as well as Humberside, Cheshire, City of London, Scotland Yard, NCIS police. As well as issuing a writ for the 200 million I have lost.

Can you help in any way please? I have no where left to go accept to fight, and as I know that both mafia and masons are involved it would have to be outright war, I dont want to go this route and you are the only hope of averting what will become a national press issue overnight and probably the end of my life. I swear I will act unless I am compensated for the damage that has been done to my family and I. I have nothing left to loose, but the people behind this have a lot to loose, they are big and I am small, I will be hidden and they will be exposed. I have a long list of mafia and mason personnel and targets who have been involved in this.

The police have already been informed of this by me, in clear terms. I will wait a period of time for a response from you, and hope you are as good as the people who said I should contact you, say you are. I have also been encouraged to contact Jack Trickett and The Chief Constable, but under the circumstances would you!?

Is this the Britain we live in today run by illegal organisations that can do as they please because the government are to weak to act, it stinks Mr Winterton.

Kind Regards
Gary Owens


This was the reply from Mr Winterton:

335 - The Gary Owens Story Mason Gang Stalking, Targeted Individual, Freemason Gangstalking, Voice To skull, V2K, Mind Control


This letter dated 5th November 2015 is copied to:


David Cameron, UK Prime Minister, 10, Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA.

Jeremy Corbin, Opposition leader in the UK, The Labour Party, Labour Central, Kings Manor, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6PA.

Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy Brey, Partido Popular Calle Genova, 13, 28004, Madrid, Spain.

Pedro Sanchez Perez Castejon, Partido Socialista Obrero Espanol, Calle de Ferraz, 70, 28008, Madrid, Spain.

Rafael Catala, Ministro de Justicia, Ministerio de Justicia, Palacio de la Marquesa de la Senora, Madrid, Spain.

Carlos Lesmes, Presidente del Consejo General del Poder Judicial, Calle Marques de la Ensenada, No 8, Madrid, Spain.

Angel Juanes El Vice Presidente del Consejo General del Poder Judicial, Calle Marques de la Ensenada, No 8, Madrid, Spain.

Lorenzo del Rio, el Presidente del Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucia, Plaza Nueva, 10, 18009, Granada, Spain.

Rafael Fernandez Valverde, Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Andalucia, Plaza Nueva, 10, 18009, Granada, Spain.

Also Copied to:
The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

The Rt Hon David Lidington MP Minister of State for Europe

The Rt Hon Hugo Swire MP Minister of State at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

The Rt HonBaroness Anelay of St Johns DBE Minister of State at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office

James Duddridge MP Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Tobias Ellwood MP Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street